Maytag Laundry & Car Wash
923 E Court St. Beatrice, NE 402-239-7439
About Us

Maytag Laundry & Car Wash "Can Clean Your Clothes & Car"!

Opens Monday - Friday 7:30 AM.  Opens Sat. & Sun. 6:30 AM.

Please have clothes drying by 5:45 PM. Everyday so you and I can enjoy the evenings & have fun!

Wash-dry-fold before & after Hours Drop & Pickup Box "We do acommodate our customers busy work life".   For after hours drop or pickup just come to the front door and call us! We will remotely open the doors so you don't have to stand outside in the rain, snow, wind, hail etc. to get your clothes. 

All for $1.50/lb...easy-peasy ;-) Same 6 Day Service!--But not on Sundays--(But Pickups or New Drops offered up to 9 PM Everyday (MONDAY THRU SUNDAY ) 


Located in Beatrice, NE @ 923 East Court St. / Hwy 136 near a Dairy Queen & Other Nice Businesses.

  A wide selection of "Dryers & Washers" 12-18-25-30-35-40-50 lb MAXI-Washers, 30 & 45 lb MAXI-Dryers.

$3.00-$8.50 MAXI-Washers.   5 min./Quarter 30 lb MAXI-Dryers.
Work Clothes, Coats, Comforters, Quilts, Bedspreads, etc. are no problem for us to do!

Just 88 1/2 steps away from a Dairy Queen.... Home of yummy ice cream treats to get while washing!

Sorry pet/farm/horse/animal gear NOT washed in this store!  Also no drying of MUDDY items!!!

Our focus is People clothes, blankets, coats, towels, sheets....we can't safely wash anything just 98.7% ☺

Wi-Fi, T.V., & Snack machine for our customers enjoyment while washing!

Coin changer for Real customer's 1,2,5,10 & 20's.....Sorry no coins for pretend customers!

Credit Cards are accepted when attendant is on duty. Security Cameras & RING in use for remote monitoring.

People say our "Laundromat is very Clean, Machines work well & Parking is Easy"

Open 7:30 AM,(6:30 AM SAT. SUN.),Except Major Holidays, Snow storms or Rolling Black Outs!

"Your Cleaning Source for South East Nebraska & the whole Nation" all 50 states have washed here over time!

Thanks for your continuing Patronage! 
We hope to see you again soon!  

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