Maytag Laundry & Car Wash
923 E Court St. Beatrice, NE 402-239-7439
Laundry Services

Maytag Laundry Beatrice, NE's Best Full & Self-Service Coin Laundromat!
We have "Best in Class" ribbons above our Office Door.

Machines Cleaned Daily or Hourly as needed.

Attended Daily with hotline phone for instant contact if out!

Owner run and maintained.

Large Commercial Washing Machines up to 55 LBs! -Dryers up to 45 LBS!
Hot dryers!  (4) designs to pick from...Nice and HOT!! (with no heat cycle if desired)

Large parking lot. Semi tractors can Park on 10th Steet.

Well lighted at night and daytime (lol).

Two Coin-changers (One outside in Car Wash)
Lots of Security Cameras for your and my safety.

Free Wi-Fi  and Netflix when washing & drying!

Secured Restroom for Customers.

Two TV's (one smart!)

Vended soap products, 8 Flavors, Tide, Gain, Oxi., etc

Snack Machine Plus walking distance to a Dairy Queen!
Large & small table "Folding Zones" for your  folding space.

"Same day Wash-Dry-Fold your clothes service" if here by noon (except Sundays and major Holidays). An attendant or a secure drop-box is always ready for your clothes!

While waiting for your clothes to wash or dry, you can Wash and Vacuum your car or truck.

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